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Refine the Mind ~ Transform the Life

A Unique Evidence Based, Needs Based, Team Approach to Professional Counseling

The first step to lasting change is the willingness to change the way we think, what we think on and choosing to bring those thoughts under control.

The mind is where we filter and form our perceptions of the world around us. Our conscious mind depicts the continuous stream of self-awareness.  Our unconscious minds represent the part of our mind that we cannot freely access, yet is very real and active, affecting us in ways we are not always aware of, many times through past trauma, rejection or abuse. 

Professional counseling can help to REFINE or unlock deeply buried traumatic experiences, fears, emotions and negative thoughts. REFINING, processing and releasing those negative conscious and unconscious influences leads to healthy thinking habits, which brings about healthy behaviors, which leads to healthy, life-giving emotions.

Truly, Refining Your Mind ~ Transforms Your Life!

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What makes us unique is our “Whole Family” approach. We believe in educating and supporting the whole family unity rather than simply focusing on the individual exhibiting outward symptoms of addiction and /or dysfunction.

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